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  • Nick Thomadis

Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts on Steam Early Access!

Dear admirals, friends, players of our other games,

We are very happy to announce that “Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts” is finally available to buy on the Steam store!

Thanks to the aid of our backers during the Alpha build development, the game has successfully reached the Core 1.0 version, and now it has significant content which is stable, highly playable and enjoyable.

Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts includes over 56 Naval Academy missions (we continuously add more) and a custom battle mode to enjoy battles using your designed ships. The revolutionary ship design system -which we also expand in every update- utilizes over 251 hull variants that use over 700 different ship parts and thousands of different weapons in various sizes and tech levels.

The campaign is currently under development, but it already offers many hours of gameplay. The campaign is going to have 10 playable nations (now it has 2), the map will be expanded to cover the whole world, and all gameplay mechanics related with the campaign will be completed during the Steam Early Access phase. While the game is available in Steam Early Access, we will add more functionalities for the core game, expanding the ship design options and the battle gameplay.

All players may participate with their ideas and feedback so Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts becomes the naval game you always wanted! We deeply thank everyone who has supported us and welcome everyone who is interested in naval warfare to play our game and have real fun with it.

Thank you a lot for following our project!

The Game-Labs Team

PS. The backers of the Alpha-Build (owners of "Limited Edition" & "Standard Edition") will start receiving their Steam keys from this day and onwards. Please read the related news here:



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