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  • Nick Thomadis

Thank you and small HotFix

Updated: Oct 12, 2019

Hello Admirals!

We want to deeply thank you for the warm reception of our game. Your interaction in the forum and your frequent feedback, not only helps us to improve the game in the next updates but also encourages us to continue working, as hard as possible, to please you.

We note down everything and we prioritize our work to deliver several of your most needed requests. For example: multi-targeting from both sides of the ship, armor penetration balances, AI & Control improvements are only a portion of the next big update.

This update is also going to include optimization that will significantly increase the fps performance. But since this update needs more time to become ready, we decided to offer an urgent hotfix with the following included:

Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts Alpha -1 v.61 Hotfix

  • FPS performance increase by slight UI optimization and reduction of Damage messages (Damage numbers up to 1 will not show up as floating info above the ship).

  • Torpedo damage significantly increased for diameter larger than 18-inches.

Further torpedo damage and other needed gameplay balances will follow up in the upcoming big update. Until then, please keep sharing your suggestions and feedback! Thank you again for all the support!

We want to note that the Naval Academy missions are going to be locked in the next update and will be unlocked progressively when player completes them. The reason we made them all playable in the first release was to help us collect bugs and issues that now are going to be addressed faster, thanks to your help.

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