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  • Nick Thomadis

Small Patch v1.03

Hello Admirals,

We are offering an intermediate patch which improves gameplay and fixes various issues, before our planned major update which will include a larger map, more nations, more ships and many other new features. Let's have a look at what this small but very important update has to offer.

The AI will create more coherent formations against the player


  • Improved the Battle AI in all aspects. It should be more aggressive when stronger, keep a more effective firing distance and maneuver more dynamically. The AI auto-targeting is also improved.

  • AI auto-design further improvement to build more balanced and effective ships.

  • Ship evasion slight improvement. Ships should more effectively try to keep distance from each other. Some remaining issues will be fixed in the next update.

  • Improved Acceleration/Deceleration of ships to be more natural and be affected more from flooding. Fixed also an old issue for ships that were not Division leaders, which made them speed up and turn unnaturally fast.

  • Now ports can be damaged in the campaign after successful “Port Strike” missions.

  • Ships now sink more gradually and lose speed slowly.

  • Secondary guns will now aim more effectively against fast moving targets.

  • Shell dispersion for missing shells should not happen so often close to the target.

  • AI will be able to auto-switch shell type more effectively, evaluating the angle of the target. Moreover, the penetration estimation info now uses a more accurate algorithm that estimates the penetration chance depending on the angle of the target ship.

  • Flash Fire and Detonations now properly reduce the exploding ammo. Moreover, the chance of receiving a Flash Fire or Detonation is directly dependent on current ammo storage, so if ammo is zero, the chance becomes zero.

  • Increased the cost of Bulkheads to proper levels according to its significance in battle. Missions and Campaign income have been balanced to compensate for this change.

When there is an ammo explosion the ammo depletes accordingly


  • Fixed issue with torpedo friendly fire calculations, causing the firing of torpedoes through friendly ships.

  • Fixed bug of Division Auto-Avoid option which could cause ships to stall and become non controllable.

  • Fixed bug in campaign that caused TR losses to not be displayed each turn.

  • Fixed bug that did not allow you to exit the Ship Design if you have previously interrupted an auto-design process.

  • Fixed bug that allowed you to interrupt auto-design when pressing the H key during battle load.

  • Fixed bug that allowed you to continue the campaign after a peace treaty when pressing ESC.

  • Fixed some inconsistencies in the Key-Binding options.

  • Some minor hull fixes.

  • Some text fixes.

Keeping formations will now be easier (Still work in progress)


We thank all the players who have helped us with their feedback to optimize the patch while it was in beta stage. Your continued feedback and suggestions in our forums will be much appreciated: Official Forum

Thank you for reading and enjoy the game!

The Game-Labs Team

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