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Roadmap till Summer

Hello fellow admirals,

Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts has been fully released but that does not mean it will not continue to be supported with new content or needed fixes. We already have deployed a considerable amount of hotfixes, addressing issues that you reported. We will still provide similar fixes for as long as it will be necessary and we will also provide new content for the game.

Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts should be already playable, stable enough and enjoyable but we will continue polishing, so that we can safely move our development team into new game projects that you will surely like. Here is a brief list of the most important things we plan to offer till Summer 2023:

  1. Weather graphics: Currently we have a few different sea weather graphics that randomize and do not directly link with the weather modifiers. For example, we have stormy weather accuracy modifiers and the generated graphics show a sunny calm sea. We will soon add to the game a wide range of different weather, wave and daylight conditions that will radically increase the battle immersion. You will be able to play even night battles and any weather modifier will directly correlate with the visual experience.

  2. Spotting distances improvement: With the new weather graphics, we will offer a more advanced and realistic visibility mechanic. Now ships that fire remain unspotted and cannot be fired at. We will improve so that even distant ships can be spotted when they start firing and reveal their position, but they will show up as a little faded and there will be an accuracy penalty against them. A realistic fog of war will make ships slowly fade in/out according to their visibility.

  3. New detailed hulls: The following ships are scheduled to be offered in the next months:

    1. New York Class Battleship (detailed variants of USS Texas 1914-1946).

    2. Atlanta Class Cruiser and variants that can produce Cleveland-class and similar cruisers.

    3. C-Class cruiser as a generic interwar cruiser variant.

    4. Other ships can follow or replace the above depending on your recommendations and the war condition in Ukraine, since our main modeler is situated in Kiev.

  4. Map graphics finalization: The map includes all the necessary content to simulate the strategic conditions of the 1890 - 1940 time period and is not “flat” as the pathfinding system estimates the shortest route and generates paths via the pacific edge from one side to the other. A lot of players would like the map to have a horizontal “looping” but that would be only aesthetic as the main functionality is already implemented. This aesthetic aspect could generate various new bugs and broken saves that a lot of players will dislike, but we will review if we can improve it further. The map will receive the following planned improvements:

    1. We will fix inconsistencies in all provinces that either do not have borders or they have wrong offsets.

    2. We will fix several UI inconsistencies, including tooltips appearing on top of each other.

    3. Any needed graphical enhancement will be made according to your recommendations.

  5. Performance optimizations: We will Improve further the loading times, we will repair issues that can cause lag in battles, check Unity CPU thread management etc. We have to remind players, when we first launched the campaign with a small map and only 2 nations that the loading times were much higher than now, while having a huge global map, 10 major nations, many minor nations and dozens of new strategic features in the calculation tables. So there is progress and we will keep improving.

  6. General UI and Window interface improvement: We will improve the aesthetics of all UI where necessary and will provide better support in window systems so that you can Alt+Tab out of the game in a borderless game window.

  7. Language Localization: We currently plan to offer support for the English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Greek languages.

  8. Fix of all remaining issues or add missing features: This is a top priority. We have already fixed several reported bugs or inconsistencies. We already continue to fix known problems or things you report to us. We have just created the following threads in our Game-Labs and Steam forums where you can mention your biggest concerns, issues that prevent you from fully enjoying the game. We will use the feedback gained from these forum threads to fix one by one everything that is possible or a confirmed bug. We will also try to implement any new feature that will be widely requested, if the situation allows it because the majority of the development team is situated in Kiev so we have to prioritize more on fixes. Please visit the following links to communicate with us and list your suggestions on further improving the game or ask us to provide a fix for an important issue:

Thank you for reading and for the continued support. The game will continue to grow and become better with your help. We hope you really enjoy playing Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts. Please continue to share your thoughts and feedback.

The Game-Labs Team

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