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  • Nick Thomadis

Pre-Order and Play!

Dear Captains,

The game that will excite all naval enthusiasts is finally available for pre-orders! We are proud to announce that “Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts” is now offered in the “Standard Edition” and the “Limited Edition”.

Choose your edition!

The “Standard Edition” allows you to pre-order the game at a much lower price. When “Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts” becomes released next year on Steam Early Access, the product key will be automatically emailed to you so you can activate it.

Want to start playing now? Then you can purchase the “Limited Edition” which additionally provides access to the current “Alpha” build. The game might not yet be finished but should be highly playable and enjoyable, while your feedback will help us to make it better.


Visit our online store to read more info: BUY NOW!

Designing a ship that looks like the famous "Yamato".

Using the “Alpha” game launcher

After buying the “Limited Edition” you will receive in your email an activation code and a link to download the game launcher. When you run the launcher for the first time, you will be prompted to create an account and redeem the key in order to activate the game.

From then on, you may run “Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts” via the launcher and receive automatic updates, whenever we offer new features. We will frequently update the Alpha build until it is ready for the Steam Early Access release (estimated in mid 2020). When the game is released on Steam, we will send you its Steam product key and the Alpha program will be closed.

The designed warships enter the battle in "Naval Academy" missions.

Missing features of the Alpha build

Each build we provide should be fully playable, without any critical bugs that would destroy the game experience. Initially, you can play the numerous “Naval Academy” missions, in which you design your own ships and send them into combat.

The Ship Designer is highly functional but the UI is not yet polished and does not include all planned functionalities. Generally the graphical user interface is not yet complete but it is going to be improved in subsequent updates.

We do not yet offer the campaign, since we want to include the minimum features that would make it really interesting. In every new update, we will add new gameplay mechanics, ship design models, “Naval Academy” missions and graphical improvements, but our main development priority will be to offer the first playable campaign, then expand it as much as possible prior to the Steam Early Access Release.

Dreadnought battleship designed by player.

Your feedback will be appreciated

Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts aims to be the first game of its kind, a naval game which offers a unique 3D design and combat experience. We are absolutely excited with what we are making and we hope everyone who is interested about the dreadnought era and naval warfare, will join our ambitious project and support us.

We strongly believe that the player feedback is going to be invaluable in order to make the game perfect for the full release. This is why we will pay extreme attention to the comments and impressions we will receive in our forums, regarding this early version of the game.

Learn more about the game in our frontpage:

Visit our forums:



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