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  • Nick Thomadis

Important Hotfix v94

Admirals, We have just released a new update which addresses several issues you have reported. The movement between ports is now introduced in the game (It was disabled until it could work properly for the first iteration). New control settings allow you to adjust the map controls sensitivity to your liking. Various balances have been made according to your feedback. Please read in more detail below:

Ship movement can now help you to reinforce ports near to the enemy

The AI will send ships to ports near player zones, increasing the chances for missions

*Hotfix Update v94*

- Added movement of ships between ports. You can now select ships from each port and move them to other friendly ports (Work in Progress).

- Added mouse sensitivity options in the controls. Players who had issues scrolling the map can adjust this new setting to suit their needs.

- Improved Auto-Design to not accept ships with side instability.

- Adjusted further the aiming of ships to be more consistent when focusing on a target persistently, especially at close range.

- You can now unlock the initial campaign years up to 1930 (fixed also a bug which caused the campaign years to unlock without winning).

- Increased AI aggressiveness in battle.

- Decreased average ship distance in divisions with Loose Spread (ships could have a very stretched out formation, reducing the cohesion needed for effective formations).

- Increased Germany Base income (often Germany started too weak).

- Slightly increased crew regeneration capacity, to support the construction of new ships for both player and AI. - Slightly increased the XP bonus from ship combat performance. - Power projection calculations improved so that the stronger fleet properly triggers a blockade.


Thank you for reading! Please continue to share your very valuable feedback in our forums:

The Game-Labs Team


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