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  • Nick Thomadis

HotFix v68 addressing damage issues

Dear Admirals,

We would like to inform you that we have just deployed a hotfix, addressing issues related with the damage model, and including various other fixes. Here are all the changes.

Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts Alpha 4 v68 HotFix

  • Increased damage of main guns. The whole damage model should feel now much more realistic, as intended for the main update.

  • Reduced base accuracy for secondary guns. On average their accuracy is inferior compared to main guns but they will aim progress more effectively when targeting fast vessels.

  • Flooding should happen more often when guns hit underwater sections. - Flooding will not be repaired so fast, so it will have a noticeable impact on large capital ships.

  • Increased slightly the damage of torpedoes.

  • Torpedo protection effect reduced slightly so that late battleships do not become immune to torpedoes.

  • Increased base speed of torpedoes about +2 knots. They could become unhistorically too slow at their maximum range settings, creating targeting issues (Ships not firing torps at long range, firing at too wide arcs and hitting themselves etc.).

  • Decrease speed penalty of electric torpedoes from -30% to -25%.

  • Weight issues making ships, especially battlecruisers, too fast for their size have been resolved. A ship may still be designed to exceed the 40 knots but with much greater sacrifices in armament and protection.

  • Fixed an issue with German Battlecruisers (They were unavailable for a small time period between 1924-1929 in custom battles).

  • Fixed issues that made Torpedo Boats (TB) either too slow or too vulnerable to gun fire.

  • Fixed a problem with a British BB of the 1920s that made its hull too long. - Allocated more funds to mission "Hurry Up" to allow strong ships of higher speed.

  • AI & Gun Targeting Improvement.

  • Other minor fixes.


As always, your feedback will be much appreciated in our forums:



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