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  • Nick Thomadis

Full Release!

Dear Admirals and supporters of our unique game project,

We are happy to announce that Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts has finished its Early Access journey and today is fully released on Steam! Since 10 December 2021 when the game entered Steam Early Access, there has been an enormous addition of new gameplay features, campaign content and 3D models.

Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts is now a complete game in its main content, and provides you the chance to design 3D warships of the technological era between 1890 and 1940 with an extreme detail to realistic aspects of ship design. We have tried to offer all the necessary details for providing a realistic and immersive experience not only when you design the ships but also when you control them on the sea.

The campaign is offering a detailed map with all the major provinces and colonies of the historical time and provides a full “sandbox” game environment. Every time you play a campaign you will face different strategic situations, alliances, battle outcomes, all contributing to a challenging and addictive gameplay experience.

The game is still in active development, which means we are going to continue enhancing the game with new content and provide necessary fixes according to the feedback we receive from players. We thank everyone who supports us and hope that you will enjoy Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts for many decades!

The Game-Labs Team


Please find information about our recent updates on the game.

Major Update v1.1

Hotfix Update v1.1.1

Hotfix Update v1.1.2

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