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  • Nick Thomadis

Alpha-7 "Gameplay Optimizations"

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

Hello admirals,

Our next patch mainly addresses an issue regarding mission win rates. Some missions were almost unwinnable and had less than 5% win rates across all players. Our next significant improvement is in the AI Auto-Design algorithm that previously generated, quite often, ships that were unrealistically fast or not sufficiently protected according to armament.

Often the "AI Auto-Design" will build ships balanced in protection and firepower, such as this Japanese Large Cruiser
Even when the new Auto-Design exaggerates with the main armament, the designed ships should be well protected

A third important improvement comes on the dynamic targeting mechanics. The gun aiming procedure that assesses target bearing and range is much more sensitive to maneuvers and this makes more comfortable the controls of fast but lightly protected ships, because now they can avoid shots more consistently when you make effective maneuvers. Lastly, several minor fixes were made according to your reports.

Please read below the changes of our new update:

===Alpha-7 v74===


  • Targeting became more dynamic, affecting mainly fast moving ships, such as destroyers, which should have more chances in evading shots when they maneuver.

  • Flash Fire chance reduced for smaller guns ammo, especially those found in Destroyers.

  • Fine tuned ship maneuverability/steering mechanics.

  • Early tech torpedoes are now having smaller range and are slower. This makes the impact and evolution of torpedoes more historically accurate.

  • Sonar/Hydro equipment is now available for CA, BB, BC, making capital ships much more aware against torpedo threats. Stealth and torpedo detection levels have been rebalanced accordingly.

  • "Fast Mode" of torpedoes rebalanced. Range penalty is less but accuracy is reduced further.

  • Minor adjustment to auto-design algorithm for improved designs.

  • Optimizations of Destroyers' engine weights.

  • Optimizations of all other hull types' engine weights.

  • Two more barbette variants for large guns, giving more flexibility in handling gun arrangements.

  • Balances of costs/weights for various ship parts.

  • Early tech engines received a small boost in horsepower, so that early pre-dreadnoughts are not overly slow (needed with new changes in weights).

  • Several mission rebalances (Long List of changes HERE). *Note:* Some mission changes will take effect only if you delete all previous mission saved designs.

Battleships without quick-firing secondaries will have serious trouble to defend against torpedo boats


  • Fixed secondary guns that could fire over their maximum range and cause the "Too many threads" crash.

  • Fixed torpedo tubes that could not fire at very sharp angles.

  • Fixed a generic Mark-3 102mm (4-inch) single barrel turret that appeared with two barrel model.

  • Fixed issue that made Transport ships too slow in maneuvering, stalling their formations.

  • Fixed some Italian towers of Italian heavy cruisers, that were not fitting on the deck (due to a bug fix that previously allowed overlap of towers out of the deck).

  • Fixes/rescales in some old-type Destroyer hulls.

  • Repaired some issues with USA cage masts, that either did not fit in hulls or where not available.

  • Rescales in casemate guns (fixing some overlapping issues).

  • Various other minor fixes in hulls, where it was applicable (thank you for the continued reports, we address what is possible for the given time).

After this patch we would like to invite you to play again the missions that you could not pass and tell us if things have improved. Your opinion about the better auto-designed ships will be much appreciated too.


As always, you can share your feedback in our forums: Official Forum

Steam Forum Hotfix 25/6/2020 Read about the content HERE

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