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Alpha-12 Good to go!

Updated: Jun 3, 2021


The anticipated patch has been finalized and is ready for you to play! Explore the many new hulls, the Ship Design improvements and lots of interesting mechanics. The AI is also significantly improved and is more threatening as an opponent and more reliable as an ally. You can read below about all the new features of Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts.


Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts Alpha-12 update



22 new hulls offer countless different new designs. In particular, the new hulls are the following:

  • New model that can recreate the German “Deutschland-class” cruisers such as the “Graf Spee”. In-game it can be used with the name “Advanced Armored Cruiser Ι” after year 1921, as a hull between 14,900 and 18,900 tons with special hull resistance characteristics making it especially durable even against battleships.

  • New model that can recreate the Japanese battleship “Fuso” after its reconstruction. The new hull is available after the year 1924 with a displacement between 36,000 and 69,000 tons and code name “Modernized Dreadnought III”.

  • New Japanese “Dreadnought IV” variant available between the years 1914 and 1927 and with displacement of 26,000 - 46,000 tons.

  • New Italian “Dreadnought I” variant available between the years 1906 and 1918 and with displacement of 18,000 - 26,000 tons.

  • New German “Advanced Armored Cruiser II” variant which is a speculative continuation of the Deutschland-class and can be found in years after 1927. Its displacement is between 17,900 and 22,900 tons.

  • New Japanese “Heavy Cruiser II” variant with a displacement of 13,400-15,600 tons that can be found after the year 1922. It has a flat light hull and a selection of towers that can make it good at firing from long distances.

  • New Japanese “Experimental Heavy Cruiser” variant with a displacement of 15,900-22,100 tons that can replicate ships similar to the Japanese “Tone-class” and can host a large amount of torpedo tubes. It is available after the year 1934.

  • New “Fast Battleship” variant a special Battlecruiser hull available for Russia, Spain, Italy, Austro-Hungary, China after the year 1935. It has a displacement between 45,000 and 75,000 tons and can be a good compromise between firepower and protection.

  • New Austro-Hungarian ”Modern Battleship” variant with displacement between 51,000 and 81,000 tons available after the year 1929.

  • New Chinese “Experimental Battleship” variant available after 1929. It is a hull of 42,500 - 55,000 tons which can offer unusual battleship designs with all-forward gun mounts.

  • New Chinese “Modern Battleship I” variant available after 1936 and with displacement between 50,500 and 60,500 tons.

  • New Spanish “Modern Battleship II” variant with displacement between 61,500 and 71,500 tons available after 1929.

  • New Italian “Modern Battleship II” variant with displacement between 60,500 and 70,500 tons available after 1929.

  • New Japanese “Experimental Battleship” variant available after 1929 with displacement between 47,000 and 72,000 tons. This hull can produce designs resembling early unofficial Japanese battleship designs that had all the main guns forward.

  • New Russian “Modern Battleship II” variant which is available after 1936 and has displacement between 65,000 and 79,000 tons, offers a very robust hull especially optimized for protection.

  • New Russian “Super Battleship” variant available after 1936 and with displacement between 75,000 and 99,000 tons is an enlarged version of the new Russian battleship line and is a hull of very thick and robust construction.

  • New Russian “Modern Battlecruiser” variant available after 1929 with displacement between 33,000 and 47,000 tons

  • New Russian “Large Cruiser” variant available after 1929 with displacement between 28,000 and 39,000 tons.

  • New Russian “Modern Light Cruiser” variant available after 1920 with displacement between 6,000 and 9,000 tons.

  • New Russian Pre-Dreadnought “Battleship V” variant available between the years 1899 and 1906 with displacement between 14,000 and 19,000 tons.

  • New Chinese Pre-Dreadnought “Battleship III” variant available between the years 1899 and 1906 with displacement between 13,500 and 16,500 tons.

  • New Japanese Battleship hull variant which can more faithfully recreate the Yamato-class, due to its angled deck.

The Fuso-class battleship can be now recreated


  • New special looking German guns available in middle-late technology levels spanning between Mark 3 and Mark 5 and covering calibers from 4-inch to 12-inch guns.

  • New special looking Japanese guns covering the Mark-3 big guns from 9-inch to 16-inch caliber and the Mark-1 guns of 17-inch to 20-inch caliber.

A more advanced variant of the Deutschland-class cruiser in action


  • Torpedo Tubes are now having different models and size according to technology and torpedo dimensions: Previously there was only one Torpedo Tube model for all technology eras. Now you will notice different Torpedo Tube visuals in different technology years and as you switch the “Torpedo Size” component.

  • All Ship components are now logically enabled: Previously there were various issues, such as Diesel engines working with coal fuel and boilers, or torpedo components increasing detonation chances and affecting weights in a ship that did not have any torpedoes. Now everything that is selected in the ship component list is affecting properly and fully the ship statistics. Diesel engines have been fully rebalanced to work with the new feature.

  • Major improvement in Ship Design controls: Ship part selection is now more accurate and sharp. Previously the mouse cursor would highlight/select a very large area resulting in unwanted changes during ship design processes.

  • Minimum Tonnage step reduced from 5 tons to 1 tons, so you can build ships with more precision.

  • Various small fixes and improvements in many hulls.

  • Many New towers and parts became available to various models.

The Component logic is improved, for example the Diesel engines will switch off boilers automatically


  • The AI opponent has been significantly improved to be more aggressive and approach nearer to the player when it has the advantage. The AI will still keep safe distance according to estimations of firepower and danger zones.

  • AI controlled ships in screen/scout/follow formation should now interact nearer to threats.

  • AI ship evasion has been improved further.

  • AI auto-design became more effective overall.

Torpedoes now differ in size and model according to technology level


The following 4 missions are included in Naval Academy:

  • The "Pocket Battleship": The defeat of the German Empire in World War I brought strict terms in her naval construction programs. The need of packing heavy firepower in smaller hulls resulted in the creation of an armored cruiser with very big guns for its size. The French were allowed by naval treaties to build much larger and heavier warships to match this threat. Your mission is to utilize your limited funds to construct an effective force of armored ships or “pocket battleships” as they are usually known and defeat a rival French battlecruiser which protects a convoy.

  • Japanese Modernized Dreadnoughts: The Japanese Imperial Navy prolonged the active duty for almost all older dreadnoughts instead of scrapping them. On paper, those ships could be formidable opponents for the most modern battleships. Now you must design and build a force of such modernized dreadnoughts and defeat a much larger and extremely powerful US battleship. This battleship is escorted by a small flotilla of destroyers. Your more numerous fleet is also reinforced with a number of destroyers and cruisers so this fight might be in fact more favourable for our side… or maybe not?

  • Russian fleet in dilemma: After the fall of the Russian Empire, the new regime had difficulties in raising a fleet powerful enough to correspond with the vast territories of the Russian nation. The Germans are seeking to meet you in the Baltic Sea with a strong fleet. Your current force in the area consists of one modernized dreadnought and a few old destroyers. Your restricted budget allows you to build either a handful of battleships or numerous smaller ships. Will you overwhelm the enemy with sheer numbers or will you just create one super battleship which can sink them one by one?

  • Payback Time: China has emerged from her ashes and now is able to have a potent naval force, not as powerful as Japan’s but enough to be a considerable threat. A squadron of two Japanese battleships and a few escort ships cause tension by violating your waters. The government decided to risk a war against Japan with a surprise attack that would serve as revenge for the defeats of the past. The weather conditions are perfect for an ambush. You can barely match the firepower of the Japanese battleships with your own battleships, so it would be wiser to have more smaller ships to overwhelm them by your numbers.

The new pagoda towers provide unique visuals for many Japanese ships


  • Fixed bug that was caused when duplicating a ship design in Naval Academy.

  • Fixed bug that could cause guns to become badly placed when mounting submerged torpedoes.

  • Fixed bug that caused extreme delay to auto-design AI ships in mission “Pre-Dreadnought conflict”. This mission has also received new hulls available for design.

  • Fixed bug that could cause funnels to be not allowed in some towers, as being traced wrongly in forward position off the tower.

The new Japanese battleship variant with the angled deck


  • Fire damage has been balanced to affect more significantly all ship types. In addition, the fire damage is added into statistics (you can now observe what is the sustained damage for friendly and enemy ships). This new statistic should help players to understand why their ship may have less structural integrity with less hits than the AI opponent, because now the received fire damage can be measured as well.

Fire damage can be now indicated as summary for both sides or in sustained damage per ship


  • All the game’s text has been reviewed/proofed for minor errors.

  • Flash fire effect is more properly scaled (It could become too large for big ships, or too small for small ships).

  • Obsolete Dreadnought hulls are no longer available in late techs (we have now many new hulls to replace them).

A new Chinese pre-dreadnought of unusual size and design


The next scheduled large update is going to include the first version of the campaign. Until then we may offer a small hotfix, but only if one or more game breaking issues are found. Thank you for reading! Please share your feedback in our forums: Official Forum

The Game-Labs Team

===================== v86 Hotfix (3/6/2021)

  • AI targeting improved further (It could not always switch to targets of higher priority).

  • AI aggressiveness balance (AI should adapt more rapidly to situations).

  • Targeting sensitivity adjusted better. This should fix issues of guns that could not acquire a target for a large period of time.

  • Fixed metric system indications which could not become rounded.

  • Fire damage slightly increased (it could still be rather low in very big ships).

  • Flooding protection slightly rebalanced (Small ships could sink too fast, due to latest weight balances, even with max. bulkheads).

  • Armor weights adjustment (In some cases the armor weight could be too low).

  • Fixes of various reported bugs related to hulls and guns.

  • Collision avoidance between friendly ships is further improved.

  • Optimized further the AI Auto-Design.

  • Fixed Armored Cruisers not being available for Germany and Austro-Hungary between years 1909-1911.

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