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Alpha-11 Arrived!

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

Dear Admirals,

Our progress on the campaign and the first core patch is steady. Our team is also growing and is able to work faster and more effectively. Until we deliver our planned major patch, we wanted to update the game for you with more content and various improvements that you have asked for.

We offer a new base hull with which you can design and build the British battleship "King George V" and many other hull variants. Additionally, we added new gun models and repaired various hull issues that you reported.

One of the most requested features was to offer more flexibility in using mounts for all the various ship parts, and we did it at a great extent, compared to previous design functionality. Overall, the Ship Design aspect of the game received many new improvements and balances which you are surely going to enjoy.

Please read below about all the new features and improvements of the new game update of Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts.


Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts Alpha-11 update


You can now build a battleship similar to "HMS King George V"


  • New hull which allows to recreate the King George V-class battleship for the British Empire. You can find this hull with the name “Modern Battleship I” in custom battles after the year 1929.

  • New British Modern Battleship II variant with displacement between 55,500 and 75,500 tons, available after 1936, which can reproduce ships similar to HMS Vanguard or larger speculative designs.

  • New British Modernized Dreadnought variant with displacement between 32,000 and 39,000 tons, available after 1927, which can produce ships similar to HMS Warspite.

  • New British Modernized Battlecruiser variant with displacement between 40,000 and 53,000 tons, available after 1935, which can produce speculative improved versions of HMS Hood.

  • New British Super Battlecruiser variant with displacement between 67,500 and 82,500 tons, available after 1935. This hull can produce battlecruiser designs that never existed but will test the limits of the battlecruiser concept, offering very high speed, large firepower and protection.

  • New British Large Cruiser variant with displacement between 30,500 and 36,000 tons, available after 1935, which can produce medium size capital ships with large firepower.

  • New British Heavy Cruiser III variant with displacement between 16,500 and 19,500 tons, available after 1925. This type of hull has a low freeboard and can produce ships which combine speed, stealth and decent firepower.

  • New British Heavy Cruiser II variant with displacement between 12,500 and 16,900 tons, available after 1925. This strong hull with high freeboard can offer cruiser designs with powerful armament at a reasonable cost.

  • New Spanish Heavy Cruiser II variant with displacement between 18,500 and 21,500 tons, available after 1925. This type of hull is a hybrid between a modern battlecruiser and a heavy cruiser, so it can produce quite strong ships at an affordable cost.

  • New Spanish Small Dreadnought variant with displacement between 15,500 and 17,500 tons, available after 1906 for Spain and also for China. This hull, which is similar to the Spanish Dreadnought Espana, offers the design of cheap, rather cumbersome ships which, though, can be quite powerful as gun platforms.

  • New Armoured Cruiser variant with displacement between 8,500 and 10,500 tons, available after 1903 for Italy and China.

  • Improvements in late Spanish cruisers with new parts and hull fixes.

  • New towers and other parts for several older hull types.

A British battleship variant mounting six 20-inch guns


  • Various new gun models for the British late techs.

  • Update of Spain’s late guns with new models.

  • Quadruple 13-inch guns only available for the French.

  • Quadruple secondary guns (2,3 and 4 inches) for the French.

  • Gun scale fixes according to feedback.

There are several new hull types, such as this British Large Cruiser of about 30,000 tons


  • Fixed old bug which sometimes caused the AI to design ships with unoccupied barbettes or place very small guns on huge barbettes.

  • New feature that stops you placing Secondary Towers or Funnels in front of Main Towers. Such designs will produce an error which you must fix. This new feature also repairs the bug of AI which could design unrealistic ships with funnels or secondary towers misplaced in front of a main tower.

  • Increased the flexibility for all mount types. For every hull, you will notice much larger freedom in placing the various ship parts. Moreover, you can override the mount snap points by pressing the CTRL button so you can add the part (Towers, Funnels, Barbettes etc.) in a continuous area between the allowed space.

  • Armor and Bulkheads weight rebalance. Heavily armored ships will have significant weight demands. Ships with maximum bulkheads will weigh more. Ships with minimum bulkheads will weigh slightly less, so the trade off between bulkhead protection and other ship assets will be more pronounced.

  • The guns mounted in free mode are now placed in proper forward/rear alignment according to position, instead of facing always at the sides.

  • Fixed various issues with boat decor (boats overlapping with other parts) and enriched the areas where boats can appear on deck or on ship parts.

  • Various Auto-Design improvements aid the AI to build successful ship designs consistently.

You can now place the various ship parts with much more freedom
Funnels and Secondary Towers are automatically rejected if placed in front of Main Towers


  • Further AI improvement makes AI ships to keep a more effective firing distance at all circumstances.

  • Fixed issue which caused ships on scout/screen mode to fight at very large, extreme ranges, causing them to stall their movement too often.


New mission: “Enforce the British Rule”:

Germany has prevailed in World War II and has ultimately conquered Europe. France remains a client state and contributes with her naval facilities in the construction of a new, more powerful German Navy. Although weakened, Britain remains a potent naval force and aims to meet, engage and decisively defeat the growing German fleet. With scarce resources you are called to build the main force of your fleet, either focusing on battleships or by building more numerous advanced cruisers. Smaller cruisers and destroyers will supplement your attacking fleet.


  • Improved gun splash dispersion at close range. Shells that miss should not fly so wide against the target as before.

  • Various text fixes for loading screens.

  • Removed Naval Academy difficulty options, which were not working.

  • Repaired graphics issues at lowest settings (Fast, Fastest) that made visuals completely broken and also caused torpedo trails to not be visible.

Note: Due to the many hull fixes and new mount mechanics, your previous saved designs for Naval Academy will become not functional.

Latest intel provides information about a new hull type... in next patch!


Thank you for reading! Please continue to share your feedback in our forums: Official Forum

The Game-Labs Team


*HotFix v82* (10/3/2021)

  • Japanese late tech 4/5-inch guns of large capital ships got their proper model (for making Yamato looking secondaries).

  • Various repairs in Auto-Design. (Addressing some potential overlapping issues between guns and superstructure).

  • Fixed bug that could cause AI to build ships with underwater guns or player to create floating guns. Please report if you anticipate this bug again.

  • Fixed "empty barbette" warning on new British towers, caused by unoccupied side gun placements.

  • Fixed "Mount 2" error that could make parts to not mount as they should.

  • Fixed bug that caused turret barrels to overlap with superstructure when rotating during battle.

  • Fixed a rare bug that caused the critical exception "Too many threads".

  • Various tower and ship part fixes/improvements as reported.

  • Reduced further the distance in which AI scout and independent ships operate away from the main fleet.

  • AI should save ammo with more efficiency, it should fire at medium ranges with low ammo.- Penetration improvements as per players' suggestions. Deck penetration power is not so much pronounced compared to side hit penetration.

*HotFix v83* (15/3/2021)

  • Fixed issue that could cause the bug warning "Too many barrels".

  • Fixed issues that could make auto-design to fail at some cases, after many tries.

  • Improved boats and other ship decor so that they are appearing on ships as they should, without disappearing due to interference with other objects.

  • British Super Battlecruiser can now mount up to 20-inch guns (from previously 18-inch guns).

  • A few minor fixes to hull parts.

  • *Bonus Feature:* Unused casemate gun doors will now be auto-sealed with steel plates.

With hotfix v83 the following errors might not appear again:

- Sometimes the auto-design of a fleet in a custom battle or Naval Academy battle may delay too long and hang the game.

- The "Too many threads" crash error.

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