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  • Nick Thomadis

1st April Update: "Battle of the Ironclads"

We have just updated the game offering various small hotfixes for the main game, and in addition we present two special missions that include two of the earliest and most famous ironclads, the "USS Monitor" and "CSS Virginia".

Designing the CSS Virginia
USS Monitor in action

Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts "1st April Update v71"

  • Two extra missions featuring two of the world's first ironclads: "USS Monitor" and "CSS Virginia". ========= USS Monitor was an innovative ship of the Union Army produced in January 1862. It was the first ship of its kind, having its guns in a rotating turret instead of a fixed broadside arrangement. Monitor's technology was later adopted and expanded in future warships, while its name "Monitor" was used to describe a special class of ships with disproportionately large guns that were used for bombarding shores during both World Wars. In the included mission you may design an ironclad similar to USS Monitor and fight versus a ship larger and more powerful than CSS Virginia, its historical rival in the famous "Battle of Hampton Roads". CSS Virginia was the first ironclad of the Confederate army and was completed in March 1862. CSS Virginia represented the basis of similar "Casemate-Ironclads" that were widely used in the American Civil War. Having its armament in fixed gunports instead of armored turrets, the "Casemate-Ironclad" is considered the intermediate stage between the traditional broadside frigate and the modern warships. In the included mission, you can design a similar ship and fight versus two Monitor-class ironclads, that are considerably smaller but are armed with heavy gun turrets. =========

  • Penetration slight improvement (You will notice more partial penetrations).

  • 8-inch guns sound improvement.

  • Various small bug fixes.

Duel of the ironclads

====================== We hope you will enjoy this small update and will be glad to see you in our forums:

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